Wow, what a piece. Thank your for setting the record straight. To your credit, you keep the focus on Andreesen's writiings and statements, not the man himself. But we all should remember that he got his start as a student at the University of IL on the team that built something called Mosaic, the first web browser. It was an academic project and a good one. (I used it.) Shortly thereafter, he left the UI, joined Jim Clark, and copied everything they did at UI, and the first commercial web browser, Netscape was launched. So, it you ask me, his entire career has been built on a questionable starting point and this is why he is constantly bloviating about the next great thing. Call it career-washing or something. But its not good nor productive, unless you can keep raising new rounds of money for a16z. Talk about a Ponzi scheme! Only a matter of time before his investors get it and his firm unravels.

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